We Need Your Help to Support Children's Needs

Join our motorcycle organization's efforts to fundraise for local kids

You can count on Twin Falls, ID to be the city that's dedicated to taking care of its people. When you need support, you'll always find meaningful resources in our town.

Snake River Bros is working hard to uphold this community effort through a commitment to helping children with debilitating diseases or injuries in southern Twin and northern Nevada. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and motorcycle organization, we rely on our large network of community members to fundraise for local children's nonprofits.

You don't have to ride a motorcycle to join our efforts. Contact us today to learn more about supporting Snake River Bros.

We Take Care Of Our Community

We believe that our community's success is defined by its youngest members. Children's safety and happiness are our #1 priorities, and we're working hard to support families and nonprofits that uphold local kids' needs.
Since our organization's start in 2001, we've fundraised over $500,000 for:

The East End Providers | Camp Rainbow Gold | Ike Kistler Safe House | Voices Against Violence | Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Without your generosity, we wouldn't have been able to impact so many important organizations. Donate now to empower families and nonprofits who are working to uplift the lives of local children.

Get Involved Now

Ready to lend a hand to your local community? You can get involved ASAP by participating in any of our fundraisers, including:

  • Membership dues collection
  • Organized motorcycle rides
  • Neighborhood rallies and events
  • Regular newsletter advertising
  • Large auctions and raffles
  • Private, community donations
In addition to these ongoing fundraisers, we also host a yearly "Rally in the Valley" music festival for all ages. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on all event announcements.
When it comes to local community, you can make a difference. Reach out now to support children's nonprofits in the Twin Falls, ID area.

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